Hydrogen and bio-methanol as a green energy carrier

Norwegian Hydrogen and Glocal Green have entered into a collaboration project on large-scale production of bio-e-methanol.

Glocal Green will produce bio-methanol based on biological waste and residual industrial raw materials that can also be used as fuel for internal combustion engines, and as a hydrogen carrier for fuel cells. Norwegian Hydrogen will produce and deliver green hydrogen to be mixed in to the final product. This combination allows every energy substance in the biomass to be utilised and transited in a very efficient way. The product obtained when mixing green hydrogen into the bio-methanol production process is called bio-e-methanol.

Bio-methanol produced from biomass combined with the supply of green hydrogen will have a very positive effect on the production and volume of this highly efficient liquid energy and hydrogen carrier. In fact, to such an extent that if you connect an electrolysis facility at the methanol factory, productivity will be approximately doubled.

The project focuses now on Glocal Green's first factory on Øyer, and will establish a plan to locate an electrolysis facility in close proximity to this.