Why green hydrogen?

Enabling zero emissions

A major transformation of global energy systems is needed to reach the Paris Agreement's 1.5 °C target. Hydrogen has the potential to replace fossil energy sources with a negative climate footprint.

Green hydrogen is an essential fuel source in the decarbonization of hard-to-abate applications such as heavy-duty transport and maritime vessels. For these applications, where there is a need for high utilization and low weight, hydrogen offers a cost-effective and credible solution.

Holding hands in nature

The emission-free alternative

At Norwegian Hydrogen, we produce and deliver only green hydrogen – hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources. When used as an energy carrier, hydrogen does not emit any emissions to the air. In other words, it is completely emission-free!

Through electrolysis, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, while also producing excess heat. A fuel cell then uses the chemical energy of hydrogen to cleanly and efficiently produce electricity.

Hydrogen Molecule

Clean power

Hydrogen is an attractive clean energy carrier due to its high energy density, its zero-emission production and consumption, its ability to be produced at a large scale with renewable energy sources and its flexibility in storage and distribution.

This results in a wide range of applications for hydrogen; from transportation (rail, road, maritime and aviation), industry (process and feedstock) and heating (houses and commercial buildings) to power generation.


Beyond hydrogen

Unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen does not contain carbon, making for emission-free burning. When producing green hydrogen, the only byproducts are clean oxygen and water, as well as excess heat.

With 10 kWh in an electrolyzer, 60% will become hydrogen. But at the same time, 25% of the energy turns into heat and we are left with 2.4 kg of oxygen. The excess heat can be used for buildings or nearby industry, while the oxygen could be used for example to keep 5 kg of farmed fish for one year.

Hydrogen and oxygen