Hellesylt Hydrogen HUB
Innovation Norway supports Norwegian Hydrogen's project at Hellesylt
Innovation Norway offers Norwegian Hydrogen a NOK 35 million ‘green growth loan’.
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Green asphalt
Veidekke and Norwegian Hydrogen sign contract for supply of green hydrogen to asphalt production
The world’s first factory capable of producing asphalt solely using hydrogen as an energy source is located in Kristiansund. Here, Veidekke has converted the factory and produced about 3,000 tons of asphalt in 2023, using only hydrogen as an energy source. In 2024, Veidekke aims to increase the production of emission-free asphalt and has, for this purpose, initiated a collaboration with Norwegian Hydrogen.
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Westgass Hydrogen and Norwegian Hydrogen
Vireon takes over Westgass Hydrogen's focus on hydrogen refueling stations, and enters into cooperation in other parts of the value chain
Vireon has entered into an agreement to purchase the refueling station venture for Westgass. At the same time, Vireon, Norwegian Hydrogen and Westgass enter into a strategic collaboration for the distribution of hydrogen. "An important and right agreement for all of us," says Jens Berge, CEO of Norwegian Hydrogen and Chairman of the Board of Vireon.
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MS Skulebas
Norwegian Hydrogen will deliver green hydrogen to the world's first hydrogen-powered fishing vessel.
Norwegian Hydrogen has entered into an agreement with the county council that enables emission-free sailing with green hydrogen as soon as Skulebas is ready for hydrogen operation during summer 2024. Based in Måløy, Skulebas will soon be able to fill locally sourced, green hydrogen produced at Norwegian Hydrogen's factory in Hellesylt.
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Vireon hydrogen refueling station
Vireon secures support for another hydrogen station, pioneering a complete zero-emission energy corridor in Norway
Vireon AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwegian Hydrogen AS, has been granted funding support from Norwegian governmental agency Enova, for one more hydrogen refueling station for heavy-duty vehicles at the transportation hub Innlandsporten in Norway.
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Jens Berge and Thor Magnus Rovik
Fortescue invests in the future of nordic green hydrogen by becoming one of the largest shareholders in Norwegian Hydrogen
Fortescue, a global green energy, metals and technology company, has invested close to NOK 100 million (AU $13.5 million) to become a shareholder in Norwegian Hydrogen, a leader in Nordic green hydrogen projects. The investment will see Fortescue acquire a 12.5 percent ownership interest in Norwegian Hydrogen, becoming the third largest shareholder.
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Vireon hydrogen refueling station
Enova backs Vireon on refueling stations for heavy-duty vehicles
Norwegian government agency Enova has granted support to Norwegian Hydrogen subsidiary Vireon, to establish three hydrogen refueling stations for heavy-duty vehicles in Dombås, Stavanger and Vestby. “Earlier this year, Vireon applied to Enova for support in establishing a total of 13 hydrogen refueling stations, and we are happy to share that Enova has chosen to support the realization of three of these stations”, says Per Øyvind Voie, Managing Director of Vireon.
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Illustration of H2 compression plan
Gigantic investment in green hydrogen
Norwegian Hydrogen has been working on the development of a large-scale production plant for green hydrogen at Ørskog in Ålesund municipality for a long time. The company now announces plans for what will become one of the largest production facilities for green hydrogen in the entire Nordic region.
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Provaris Energy NH2
Prefeasibility Study identifies low-cost green hydrogen export from Norway to Europe
In January 2023, Provaris and Norwegian Hydrogen entered a collaboration to bring together the skills, experience and ambitions of both companies to accelerate the development of a hydrogen value chain covering large scale production and export of hydrogen from the Nordics to the key ports of Europe. Completing the pre-feasibility study has identified a low-cost project for exporting green hydrogen from Norway to Europe using Provaris’ compressed hydrogen floating storage and carriers.
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