Our contribution towards

A sustainable future

Our descendants deserve to live in a world where nature and climate are as they were meant to be. This world can only be created with a rapid transition toward clean energy. We pioneer the green transition with accessible production and infrastructure for green hydrogen. We strive to develop our business and operations in a responsible manner, with a deep focus on sustainability through the value chain.
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Integrating sustainability

Our sustainability approach reflects our business’ focus on decarbonization and building resilient hydrogen infrastructure. In addition to our inherent focus on environmental issues, we also see it as crucial to include social and governmental aspects in our work.

Our key objectives are based on our strategy and a materiality assessment with a stakeholder perspective. The objectives are integral to our decision-making processes, and we strive to implement sustainable solutions throughout our entire value chain.

Utilizing all value streams

To ensure the most energy-efficient green hydrogen production, we utilize more than just the hydrogen.

For every kilo of hydrogen produced, we are left with eight kilos of oxygen and quite a bit of excess heat. These byproducts from the hydrogen production are valuable!

The oxygen can be used in other industry, for example in aquaculture. The excess heat, on the other hand, can be useful in agriculture or to heat nearby buildings.

A global, clean energy transition

Hydrogen as an energy carrier will play an important role in the decarbonization of hard-to-abate mobility sectors and several other industries. Governments worldwide recognize the importance of hydrogen in this transition; as of September 2022, more than 40 countries have released national hydrogen roadmaps.

An important piece of the net zero emission puzzle

Decarbonization of the global energy system is dependent on seven key pillars: energy efficiency, behavioral change, electrification, renewables, CCS, hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels.

According to the Global Hydrogen Review, strong demand growth and the adoption of cleaner technologies for production will enable hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels to avoid up to 60 Gt CO2 emissions between in 2021-2050, representing 6% of total cumulative emissions reductions.

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Enabling zero emissions

We make zero-emission solutions a reality by using renewable energy to generate green hydrogen.

Sustainable earth

The 2030 Agenda

Sustainability is deeply rooted at the core of our business. We take responsibility for contributing to achieving our world's shared goals set by the UN.

Sustainable Development Goals

Hydrogen all day

Did you know that the sun’s mass is made up of about 73% hydrogen? We can talk all day about hydrogen and how it works as an energy carrier.