Our market segments

Hydrogen is a zero-emission energy carrier that can be used across a wide range of applications. At Norwegian Hydrogen, we are driving the switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy for all our market segments.


Hydrogen is an energy carrier and fuel that powers vehicles without releasing harmful emissions. And it is lightweight, allowing vehicles to travel longer distances on one tank. This makes it ideal for fueling heavy-duty tractor trailers and public transit buses, which travel hundreds of miles at a time.

By building a network of refueling stations across the Nordics, located in the corridors for heavy-duty vehicles, we are enabling zero-emission transport on the roads.

Hyunday truck


Green hydrogen will play a crucial role in the maritime industry’s journey towards decarbonization. It will be widely available across the globe in the future – as a marine fuel and a key enabler for other hydrogen derivatives as fuels.


Off-highway vehicles

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet decarbonization goals in heavy industries, hydrogen can be used as a zero-emission fuel on construction sites and for other off-highway vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells and internal combustion engines can be used to power vehicles using hydrogen.

Off-highway vehicles

Industrial use

Hydrogen is important for industrial applications, such as when used as a catalyst in ammonia production, oil refining and methanol production. These three processes make up the majority of uses for hydrogen production today. Using green hydrogen as a component will reduce emissions, making production more sustainable.

Industrial use


The aviation industry, driven by the urgent need to mitigate its environmental impact, is actively seeking innovative solutions for decarbonization. Hydrogen, a versatile and clean energy carrier, has emerged as a promising avenue in this endeavor.

Hydrogen aircraft