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Off-higway vehicles and equipment

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet decarbonization goals in heavy industries, hydrogen can be used as a zero-emission fuel on construction sites and for other off-highway vehicles.
Hydrogen powered vehicles

Hydrogen powered off-highway vehicle. Photo credit: JCB

Hydrogen fuel cells and internal combustion engines can be used to power vehicles using hydrogen.

Today, several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are developing hydrogen-powered off-highway machines and equipment. Using hydrogen to fuel larger equipment makes sense as they use a lot of energy, due to charging infrastructure limitations and large battery needs, and have a higher cost.

Hydrogen is more energy dense compared to diesel or natural gas. One kilogram of hydrogen has the general energy equivalence of about 3 kg, or 1 gal. of diesel fuel. So, compared to diesel or natural gas, hydrogen can power a vehicle the same distance using less fuel.