The CONVEY project aims to establish an integrated hydrogen ecosystem at the Port of Hirtshals in Northern Jutland, Denmark.
Port of Hirtshals

CONVEY will utilize renewable energy from local wind turbines to produce hydrogen to help decarbonize the operations in the port. The project includes the construction of a 5 MW electrolyzer, a large-scale refueling station for heavy-duty transport, and distribution networks for hydrogen, oxygen, and heat. By focusing on the principles of circularity the project will ensure that all elements of the process are utilized efficiently and sustainably.

A model for green ports

Spanning five years, the project aims to make the Port of Hirtshals a model for green ports by focusing on its decarbonization and sustainable transformation. By establishing a hydrogen closed-loop ecosystem, it will showcase a sustainable energy system that integrates local renewable energy sources for hydrogen production and distribution.

Collaborative effort

Led by Norwegian Hydrogen, a consortium of expert partners from diverse sectors has come together to create a sustainable infrastructure for hydrogen production and distribution, aiming to deliver at least 500 tonnes of green hydrogen annually. This collaborative team, leveraging their specialties in hydrogen production, logistics, transportation, and energy system optimization, demonstrates the versatile potential of hydrogen and its byproducts for a sustainable future.

Norwegian Hydrogen serves as the lead partner, responsible for project management, detailed engineering and construction, and the operation of the electrolyzer.

The other partners in the CONVEY consortium are:

  • Vireon willdevelop and operate a refueling station for heavy-duty trucks at Hirtshals Transport Center.
  • Port of Hirtshals offers its strategic location and infrastructure, serving as the physical hub for the project and facilitating the logistics and distribution of hydrogen and its byproducts.
  • Greenport North plays a crucial role in supporting the project through its expertise in port development and sustainability, ensuring that the project aligns with broader ecological goals.
  • Hirtshals Transport Center contributes its logistics and transportation expertise, critical for the establishment of the refueling station and the efficient distribution of hydrogen to various end-users.
  • biomegawill demonstrate the practical benefits of green hydrogen by replacing natural gas in their industrial operations. Hydrogen will be supplied through a dedicated pipeline connecting their facilities directly to the electrolyzer and will exemplify a significant step towards minimizing industrial carbon emissions.
  • Onnest (previously Lancar Nutri) will explore the use of oxygen and heat in aquaculture, showcasing the diverse applications of the project's byproducts.
  • Vendelbo Spedition will demonstrate the use of heavy-duty hydrogen trucks and will contribute its expertise in logistics and transportation.
  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland brings in scientific research and technological development capabilities, focusing on modeling and optimization of the integrated energy ecosystem, and ensuring the project's technological advancements are grounded in rigorous scientific principles.
  • Next Consult, a Danish electrical engineering company and green energy software developer, works alongside VTT to implement a heuristic plant modelling platform for the operation and optimization of the total energy ecosystem, contributing software solutions and analytical expertise.
  • Hydrogen Valley, a Danish consultancy specializing in hydrogen applications and EU-funded projects, handles stakeholder management and information dissemination, ensuring effective communication and engagement with all relevant parties.

This collaborative effort aligns with the EU's Green Deal and Hydrogen Strategy by demonstrating an integrated approach to hydrogen value chain development.

Funding body and criteria

The EU Commission, through the Horizon program under the Hydrogen Valleys (small scale), has provided the funding. Projects under this program are selected based on their ability to demonstrate an integrated hydrogen value chain's impact on the EU's Green Deal and Hydrogen Strategy objectives. This includes system integration, security enhancement, market development, renewable energy integration, and public awareness of hydrogen benefits.

Clean Hydrogen Partnership
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The project is supported by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership and its members.


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