Vireon secures support for another hydrogen station, pioneering a complete zero-emission energy corridor in Norway

Vireon AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwegian Hydrogen AS, has been granted funding support from Norwegian governmental agency Enova, for one more hydrogen refueling station for heavy-duty vehicles at the transportation hub Innlandsporten in Norway.

Per Øyvind Voie

Per Øyvind Voie, Managing Director of Vireon

This is the fourth Vireon station which receives financial support from Enova, The four stations, located in Vestby, Stavanger, Dombås, and now at Innlandsporten, signal a major milestone in Norway's efforts towards sustainable transportation with green hydrogen fuel.

Per Øyvind Voie, Managing Director of Vireon states:

Vireon aims to create hydrogen corridors for heavy-duty transport across the Nordic region. The support for the Innlandsporten station is pivotal for a corridor between Oslo and Trondheim, catering perfectly to travelers on both the E6 and Østerdalen routes. With approved support for Vestby and Dombås stations, Vestby/Oslo-Trondheim is on track to become Norway's first hydrogen corridor for heavy-duty transport. We would like to invite everyone interested in testing hydrogen for heavy-duty transport to join us and our partners in H2 Truck and the Green Freight Transport Program (Grønt Landtransportprogram) in developing this initiative.

The Innlandsporten station, strategically positioned for a hydrogen corridor between Oslo and Trondheim, is set to become Norway's first all-encompassing energy corridor. This will be a true energy hub offering a variety of energy options, including a conventional petrol station, an electric charging station, a biogas refueling station and now also a hydrogen refueling station.

In addition to these grants, ASKO has previously received Enova's support for a hydrogen station in Trondheim, while Vireon independently progresses with the construction of a station at Hellesylt

Through these initiatives, Vireon, in collaboration with Norwegian Hydrogen, is leading the charge towards a greener and more diversified energy corridor, laying the foundation for widespread adoption of hydrogen as a key player in Norway's transportation future.

This is still only the very beginning for Vireon and our network of hydrogen refueling stations, but it’s an important step on the way towards building our first corridor. In the years to come we hope to announce many refueling stations in all Nordic countries, with our ambition to be the leading hydrogen refueler for heavy-duty vehicles and the preferred hydrogen partner for transportation companies on their journey towards zero emissions.
Per Øyvind Voie, Managing Director, Vireon


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