Norwegian Hydrogen strengthens the team

"With our national growth strategy, we are dependent on a management team that understands what is needed and is able to implement it together. The leaders who are now coming in are of the caliber we have been looking for, both in terms of knowledge, network, personality and integrity.” says CEO Jens Berge.
Norwegian Hydrogen strengthens the team

Technical Director

Kåre Nerem is employed as Technical Director. He comes from the position as technical manager in Fiskerstrand Verft. From there, he is well acquainted with the work of using hydrogen in the maritime sector, and he is looking forward to getting started.

"I am proud to be part of the Norwegian Hydrogen team, and I look forward to contributing to a more environmentally friendly future. I have worked with hydrogen for several years now, and know that we are at a crossroads where the speed will only increase in the future ", says Nerem.

CEO Jens Berge is pleased: “Kåre is a technical expert of rank, and many in the hydrogen environment will probably know him as one of the pioneers in the study of hydrogen use in the maritime segment. This is very valuable to us, and Kåre will provide us with both knowledge and personal energy in the important work that lies ahead of us. “

Brand and Marketing Director

Norwegian Hydrogen has hired Marielle Furnes Mannseth for the position of Brand and Marketing Director. She comes from the position as general manager of United Future Lab Norway.

“Hydrogen will be a central part of the green shift, and with the players now investing in Norwegian Hydrogen, I have great faith that we will succeed. I am very happy to have such a rare and exciting opportunity to be involved in building the solutions of the future, and I look forward to getting started with this work”
says Furnes Mannseth.

Berge draws particular attention to Furnes Mannseth's solid experience in brand building. «Marielle brings valuable knowledge and experience with her when she now leads this field in Norwegian Hydrogen. Not least, she has also in recent years gained a broad knowledge of sustainability and the environment, which gives her an excellent perspective and starting point for taking on the tasks. "

Stakeholder Engagement Director

Per Øyvind Voie leaves his position as Deputy Chairman and Business Policy Director of Elektroforeningen (EFO), in favor of the position as Stakeholder Engagement Director of Norwegian Hydrogen.

"Through seven years in the industry to increase the pace of electrification of Norway, I have seen great potential for hydrogen. We will simply not get around hydrogen if Norway and the EU are to achieve their climate goals, especially when it comes to the maritime sector and heavy transport. It offers great potential for Norwegian Hydrogen, and this was simply an opportunity I could not say no to ", says Voie.

Berge emphasizes that Voie has many years of experience at the interface between politics and business, from both the private and public sectors. He believes that Voie's broad network and in-depth understanding of how to establish constructive and effective forms of cooperation between the business community and the various public and political bodies will be of great importance to the company. "We must succeed with our ambitious growth ambitions. Then cooperation with other actors is absolutely essential. Per Øyvind has what it takes to help us in this work. I also do not rule out that he will be an active and useful resource for the new Norwegian hydrogen industry as a whole ", says Berge.

More are on the way

In conclusion, Berge reveals that there are also several exciting new signings on the way. “We will develop Norwegian Hydrogen into a leading producer and distributor of green hydrogen. Then we need a strong organization consisting of highly competent people who share the company's ambitions. With the three that have now been announced, we are well on our way, but I look forward to welcoming even more people during the autumn and winter."