Norwegian Hydrogen collaborates with Onrail to pilot hydrogen run freight trains

Norwegian Hydrogen have joined forces with Norwegian freight train company Onrail, to pilot hydrogen run freight trains.
Godstog onrail i Isterdalen

While most railroads in Norway are electrified, there are still some lines where this is difficult. The two companies have selected one of these, the Rauma Railway Line, as the subject of their joint pilot. Onrail already operates diesel run freight trains on this line, whilst Norwegian Hydrogen have secured land in Rauma for green hydrogen production. Now they hope that by joining forces they can showcase emission free freight trains powered by green hydrogen.

“If we succeed with this pilot project it can have a huge impact on railway freight all over Europe and beyond”
says CEO of Norwegian Hydrogen, Jens Berge.

“There are several passenger trains in Europe already running on hydrogen, but there are few examples of freight trains pulled by a hydrogen locomotive. Freight trains are very heavy and require huge amounts of power”, says CEO of Onrail, Henning Aandal. His company already have the most environmental friendly hybrid trains available in order, but strive for zero emissions.

”Our customers want zero emissions from their transportation of goods, and for us it’s therefor only natural to explore the possibility of hydrogen run freight trains to deliver on our ambition of zero emissions”.