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Norwegian Hydrogen closes deal with billion NOK potential

Growth company Norwegian Hydrogen has partnered with German cleantech company Quantron AG to become a strategic partner in Quantron´s Clean Transportation Alliance and support the unique Quantron-as-a-Service offering for customers in the transport and logistics industry. Norwegian Hydrogen is a preferred partner for Quantron throughout the Nordic region and in Norway, the collaboration is even closer.

Quantron, Norwegian Hydrogen and Vireon

From left: Anil Reddi (Director Quantron-as-a-Service), Jens Berge (CEO Norwegian Hydrogen AS), Michael Perschke (CEO Quantron AG), Per Øyvind Voie (Managing Director, Vireon AS)

Since the Quantron-as-a-Service concept works in such a way that Quantron’s customers will only fuel their trucks with hydrogen from Quantron’s preferred hydrogen suppliers, this is a substantial contract for green hydrogen producer Norwegian Hydrogen and their refueling company Vireon.

- Norwegian Hydrogen is now working to establish hydrogen refueling stations in key areas of the Nordic region. This is being done through its newly established subsidiary Vireon. "The agreement with Quantron is a fantastic start for this first step of our planned roll-out in Europe. At the same time, it is a tremendous recognition that such an innovative player as QUANTRON has chosen us as a partner. We look forward to see hundreds of Quantron trucks operating on Nordic roads over the next few years," says Jens Berge, CEO of Norwegian Hydrogen.

New standard

Quantron is a German-based company that specializes in zero-emission passenger and freight transport and is offering a unique value proposition with Quantron-as-a-Service to its customers.

- Quantron is setting a new standard for zero-emission transportation of goods and people. We are working on holistic solutions that include not only the vehicles themselves, but also the energy supply and the necessary infrastructure. In Norwegian Hydrogen and Vireon, we have an excellent partner to realize our ambitions in the Nordic market," says Anil Reddi, Director Quantron-as-a-Service at Quantron.

Norwegian Hydrogen produces, distributes and supplies green hydrogen for both mobility and industrial purposes.As part of this strategy, the company is developing a number of hydrogen projects in the Nordic region, including the development of a network of refueling stations in all Nordic countries under the brand name Vireon. The partnership with QUANTRON will contribute to accelerating Vireon’s ambition to roll out a network of 30-50 large-scale hydrogen refueling stations by 2027.

Vireon, Quantron and Norwegian Hydrogen

From left: Per Øyvind Voie (Managing Director, Vireon AS), Herbert Robel (CHRO, Interim CFO Quantron AG), Jens Berge (CEO Norwegian Hydrogen AS), Anil Reddi (Director Quantron-as-a-Service), Andreas Haller (Founder and Executive Chairman Quantron AG), Michael Perschke (CEO Quantron AG).

The first step

There is a strong interest and demand for Fuel Cell powered heavy-duty / long-haul trucks in the Nordics and in the rest of Europe. Vireon estimates that there will be more than 1,500 hydrogen-powered trucks in the Nordic countries before 2027. Those vehicles will require an extensive network of refueling stations and the delivery of more than 20,000 tons of hydrogen per year. From there on, the number of trucks will grow rapidly.

- Our planned refueling activities in the Nordics provide a very good basis for further expansion into Europe in the coming years", Berge says.

Major CO2 savings

It is estimated that 1500 hydrogen trucks on Nordic roads will save up to 250,000 tons of CO2 per year compared to diesel vehicles. This is more than the annual CO2 consumption of all inhabitants in a fairly large Norwegian city.

- We are proud of what we at Quantron and Norwegian Hydrogen can achieve through this partnership. Together, we empower Quantron's vision of providing clean and emission-free transportation solutions that have a positive impact on the future of our planet," says Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron.


Vireon refuleing station.

About Vireon

Vireon aims to be the leading hydrogen refueler for heavy-duty trucks in the Nordics. Founded in 2023 as a subsidiary of Norwegian Hydrogen AS, the company is already engaged in establishing hydrogen refueling infrastructure with stations across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Backed by strong owners and with a highly dedicated team, Vireon focuses on enabling zero emission for heavy-duty trucks and other large applications. Growth will happen both organically and through mergers and acquisitions. Vireon actively seeks partnerships to strengthen its position and accelerate the green energy transition towards zero emissions.


About Quantron AG

Quantron AG is a platform provider and specialist for sustainable mobility for people and goods; in particular for trucks, buses and vans with fully electric powertrains and H2 fuel cell technology. As a high-tech spinoff of the renowned Haller KG, the German company from Augsburg in Bavaria combines over 140 years of commercial vehicle experience with state-of-the-art e-mobility know-how and positions itself globally as a partner to existing oems.

With the Quantron-as-a-Service Ecosystem (qaas), QUANTRON offers an overall concept that covers all facets of the mobility value chain: QUANTRON INSIDE includes a wide range of both new vehicles and conversions for existing and used vehicles from diesel to battery and hydrogen electric powertrains using the highly innovative QUANTRON INSIDE technology. QUANTRON CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS ensures digital and physical aftersales solutions with a Europe-wide network of 700 service partners, as well as a service offering for maintenance, repair and spare parts, telematics and in-cloud solutions for remote diagnostics and fleet management. Customers receive individual solutions: rental, financing and leasing offers such as training courses and workshops at the QUANTRON Academy. In the future, QUANTRON ENERGY & POWER STATION will realize the production of green hydrogen and electricity as a platform. To this end, Quantron AG has joined forces with strong global partners. This Clean Transportation Alliance also forms an important building block for the supply of vehicles with the necessary green charging and H2 refueling infrastructure.

QUANTRON stands for the core values Reliable, Energetic, Brave. The team of experts at the innovation driver for e-mobility is making a significant contribution to sustainable, environmentally friendly passenger and freight transport.

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