Norwegian Hydrogen welcomes key equipment deliveries at Hellesylt

This week, Norwegian Hydrogen reaches another big milestone as equipment has started to arrive at Hellesylt to be installed and prepared for commissioning over the next couple of months.
Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub

During the next few weeks, the company will receive all plant equipment, including electrolyzers, compressors, storage systems and a high capacity state-of-the-art refueling station for heavy duty vehicles.

This step signals the beginning of an important phase encompassing installation, startup, and testing activities, which will continue into the summer. After Easter, the facility will buzz with activity, underscoring the project's momentum toward operational readiness.

Andreas Wenaas Østigård, Project Manager

Andreas Wenaas Østigård, Norwegian Hydrogen, together with Dag Øverås from Norconsult and Jens Løken from PEAB K. Nordang.

This delivery is a critical milestone in our journey to make hydrogen accessible to our customers in the region. It marks the transition to a hands-on phase where our vision starts taking a tangible form through the installation, startup, and testing of the equipment.
Andreas Wenaas Østigård, Project Manager for Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub at Norwegian Hydrogen.

With this advancement, the Hellesylt hydrogen production hub is moving closer to its goal of providing sustainable hydrogen solutions, underlining our commitment to innovation and leading the energy transition.

Our Hellesylt project is very special. This is where it all started, and even if we have grown a lot since when we initially started developing this project back in 2020, seeing all of the equipment arriving from Germany to our site at the entrance to the Geirangefjord, is a big and important step forward for the entire team and for our customers waiting for green hydrogen to enable their zero emissions.
Jens Berge, CEO at Norwegian Hydrogen

People at Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub

Representatives from Maximator Hydrogen Norge, FEST Group (Andre Frenzel), Maximator Hydrogen (Ole Stangeland), Norconsult (Dag Øverås) and PEAB K. Nordang (Jens Løken).


Representatives from FEST Group (Andre Frentzel) and HM Elektro (Stein Otto Haga).

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