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Will establish hydrogen refueling stations in Kristiansund

Kristiansund Energihub and Norwegian Hydrogen AS have entered into a cooperation agreement with the goal of establishing a hydrogen refueling station in Kristiansund Næringspark. The common goal is to contribute to making zero emissions possible for heavy transport in the region.

Illustration of Kristiansund Energihub

Illustration of Kristiansund Energihub

Kristiansund Energihub will be established in the business area close to Kristiansund Airport. This will be a regional hub for heavy transport, including bus landfills, large car repair shops and several logistics players. " We want to establish ourselves in hubs for logistics and heavy transport. Kristiansund Business Park and Energy Hub are thus spot on for us," says Per Øyvind Voie, responsible for refueling stations in Norwegian Hydrogen.

Biogas and charging are also coming

Norwegian Hydrogen's ambition is to become the Nordic leader in operating hydrogen refueling stations. This year, the first stations aimed at heavy transport will open in Norway and Sweden. "We are very pleased to have Norwegian Hydrogen on board," says Trond Aasgård, Chairman of Kristiansund Energihub. He says they are close to also being able to publish partners in biogas and charging. "Then we will have the three players we need in place to be able to establish a full-fledged energy hub that is attractive to customers regardless of which zero-emission solution they choose.

Courting the transport operators

Now both Kristiansund Energihub and Norwegian Hydrogen hope that local and regional transport operators will open their eyes to hydrogen as a fuel. "We are very interested in getting in touch with all players who would like to test zero-emission solutions based on hydrogen. We know there will be requirements for emission cuts from heavy transport, and then you can gain a competitive advantage in the Kristiansund region by starting early," the two players said.

Cooperation can be expanded

As part of the collaboration between Kristiansund Energihub and Norwegian Hydrogen, the parties will also consider both local production of hydrogen and to consider similar cooperation related to other locations. – We have a good and trusting relationship, and both hope this is only the start of a long-term cooperation that can yield great results, the two conclude.

Contact information for further comments:

Per Øyvind Voie, Managing Director, Refueling, Norwegian Hydrogen: 97665446

Trond Aasgård, Chairman of the Board, Kristiansund Energihub, 90196338,

About Kristiansund Energihub

Kristiansund Energihub is a company owned by FG Eiendom, Neas, ReMidt, and Kristiansund municipality. The purpose of the company is to facilitate green commercial transport and sustainable development of the region. The energy hub to be established in Kristiansund Business Park will contain an electric charging station for large vehicles, as well as refueling of both hydrogen and biogas.

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