Final commissioning and testing at Hellesylt, preparing for full-scale green hydrogen production within the next few weeks

Today we successfully produced the first grams of green hydrogen molecules at our Hellesylt site in Norway. Developed, built, and operated by Norwegian Hydrogen, the project has now entered its final commissioning and test phase, getting ready for full commercial operation in only a few weeks.
Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub

Utilizing renewable energy sources from local hydropower stations in Hellesylt, the green hydrogen production plant at Hellesylt stands as one of Norway's pioneering green hydrogen plants. The facility is dedicated to enabling zero emissions in the Geiranger World Heritage Fjord and will initially serve a broader region, marking a significant step in Norway's green energy transition.

Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub will also open the first high-capacity hydrogen refueling station in the region, through Vireon, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norwegian Hydrogen serving the heavy-duty mobility segment.

Hellesylt Hydrogen Refueling
Hellesylt Hydrogen production

During the upcoming weeks, there will be rigorous testing and optimization of the facility to ensure a smooth transition into full production. The plant is expected to gradually ramp up its output, ultimately reaching a maximum capacity of 1.3 tons of green hydrogen per day.

The first deliveries of green hydrogen from Hellesylt will be made to Veidekke, Cyan Energy, Skulebas and Vireon, as previously announced.

New Operations Manager at Hellesylt

Kåre Nerem, who has been with Norwegian Hydrogen for almost three years, will take on the role of Operations Manager for Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub. Nerem has played a crucial role in the development of the Hellesylt project from its inception and brings extensive experience and technical expertise to his new role.

Kåre Nerem

Kåre Nerem will take on the role as Operations Manager for Hellesylt

With Kåre's deep understanding of the Hellesylt project and his in-depth experience with hydrogen technology, gained both with us as well as earlier in his career, we have identified the best person for this position. His leadership will be instrumental as we begin production and contribute to the growth of green hydrogen as a key energy source in this region.
Jens Berge, CEO of Norwegian Hydrogen.

Kåre Nerem expresses his enthusiasm for his new role, stating:

I am honored to take on the position of Operations Manager for our Hellesylt site. Having worked closely on this project, I am excited to lead our team as we begin production and contribute to the growth of green hydrogen.
Kåre Nerem, Operations Manager for Hellesylt
Kåre Nerem
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