Press release

Granted NOK 37.6 million NOK to deliver hydrogen to ferries and cruise ships in the Geirangerfjord

The ambition is to achieve zero-emission operations in the Geirangerfjord, one of two World Heritage Fjords in Norway, by producing green hydrogen locally.

The Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub, a consortium of leading players in the hydrogen field, has been awarded NOK 37.6 million NOK under the PILOT-E funding scheme for the development of a hydrogen production facility that can deliver hydrogen to ferries and cruise ships in the Geirangerfjord, as well as to other mobility applications.

The consortium is headed by Flakk Gruppen with Hexagon Composites (hydrogen storage supplier), Hyon (hydrogen solutions integrator), TAFJORD (hydro power supplier), Fiskerstrand (ship design and yard), Gexcon (safety and risk management services), SINTEF (research institute) and the local municipality of Stranda as key partners.

“We are proud and grateful to receive the PILOT-E funding enabling us to develop a green hydrogen solution for the Geirangerfjord, a recognized World Heritage Fjord, together with our dedicated partners,” says Knut Flakk, Chairman and owner of Flakk Gruppen. “We will be providing a green and sustainable hydrogen solution to the zero-emission transport and maritime industry in the region. We very much look forward to collaborating with customers to meet their individual needs with our solutions.”

Geiranger, a UNESCO World Heritage site, receives around 800,000 visitors a year – of which about 360,000 are cruise tourists. To tackle the local pollution, ships that are not zero-emission will be prohibited from entering the Geirangerfjord by 2026.

The project will start its activities in January 2020 and aims to deliver green hydrogen latest by 2023. The hydrogen will be produced by renewable surplus hydro power at Hellesylt, powering hydrogen fuel cell ferries operating the route Hellesylt - Geiranger. This contribution could reduce the CO2 emissions in the Geirangerfjord with 2,370 tons per year. In addition, hydrogen will also be delivered to other vessels, trucks, buses and other vehicles in the region.

The PILOT-E scheme is a funding scheme for the Norwegian business sector launched as a collaboration between the Research Council, Innovation Norway and Enova SF. The objective of the scheme is to promote more rapid development and deployment of new, environment-friendly energy technologies and services to help reduce emissions both in Norway and internationally.


Flakk Gruppen AS

Flakk Gruppen is a privately held group with business activities in a number of different industries. The vision of Flakk Gruppen is to build profitable businesses which can contribute to positive development for the individual and society, as well as for the environment we live in.

Hexagon Composites

Hexagon delivers safe and innovative solutions for a cleaner energy future. Our solutions enable storage, transportation and conversion to clean energy in a wide range of mobility, industrial and consumer applications.


HYON is a joint venture company wholly owned by Nel ASA, Hexagon Composites ASA and PowerCell Sweden AB. HYON offers system integration and turn-key solutions with hydrogen systems, including production, distribution, storage and bunkering systems and fuel cell modules.


TAFJORD, with energy for the future, is the largest energy-company in the northwest of Norway. We produce electricity from hydropower, recycle waste for heating and develop fiber optic cable network in the region.


Fiskerstrand (established 1909) has the vision “We create sustainable maritime development”. Fiskerstrand will assist in R&D, engineering of hydrogen solutions and ship concept development. Ship design, engineering and outfitting if required.


Gexcon AS is a world-leading company in the field of safety and risk management and advanced dispersion, explosion and fire modelling. Our experience is built up throughout extensive research projects, safety assessments, accident investigations and physical experiments.


SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations. We have more than 30 years of experience with hydrogen technologies and are engaged in all aspects of the value chain from materials development to pilot projects and techno-economic studies, nationally and internationally.

Stranda municipality

A World Heritage Municipality on the western coast of Norway with an outstanding scenery and the world famous Geirangerfjord.