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Delivers zero-emission energy to the Geirangerfjord - years before the deadline for zero-emission-mobility-only

Norwegian Hydrogen AS is moving forward with its project to establish green hydrogen production at Hellesylt within q4 2023, two years before the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord shall be emission-free.
Electrolyzer from FEST

Electrolyzer from FEST

We have now put our plans into action in Hellesylt. Located close to the UNESCO world heritage area of the Geiranger fjord, we are very happy to be able to deliver green hydrogen to our customers in need for a solution for zero-emission energy, years before the deadline for zero-emission-mobility-only in the fjord, which is January 1st 2026”, says Jens Berge CEO in Norwegian Hydrogen.

On the 19th of May, Norwegian Hydrogen signed a contract with the German company FEST for the supply of a complete hydrogen production and processing plant, with a total capacity of 1.300 kg of hydrogen a day. The plant consists of a containerized solution with a 3 MW electrolyzer, based on PEM technology, compressor systems, and hydrogen storage.

“We mean business”

“With this contract we put an end to the “chicken-and-egg problem” in this region”, says Jens Berge, CEO of Norwegian Hydrogen.

“Our focus is to build production and infrastructure in the entire Nordic region, but we start at Hellesylt, and this contract proves that we mean business. We are doers, and this shows that we are trustworthy with our plans. The experience we are getting with this project is very valuable and will help us moving further with our plans in the Nordic region,” Berge continues.

A key role in the clean energy transition

Hydrogen will play a key role in the clean energy transition, helping to drive down carbon emissions, achieve energy independence, and put an end to the world’s overall addiction to oil and gas. As part of the energy transition, hydrogen will be critical to the mobility sector as an enabler to achieving zero emissions.

“A hydrogen supply chain infrastructure is a prerequisite for the application of hydrogen in numerous mobility and industry segments, such as on trucks, buses, cars, trains, and ships. Green hydrogen availability is crucial in this transition, and the project at Hellesylt is an important step in that context,” says Berge.

Long-term partnership

“FEST highly appreciates the trust and confidence in its technology and is looking forward to a long-term partnership with Norwegian Hydrogen, ”, says FEST CEO Matthias Authenrieth, and continues;

“For FEST another milestone has been reached, by securing our first hydrogen production plant for the Norwegian market. This project marks the starting point for a stronger commitment to the Norwegian and Scandinavian hydrogen sector for FEST. Here, Norwegian Hydrogen is the perfect partner, as the exchange with the very professional team members has been always very open-minded and reliable”.

Circular focus

“We are very satisfied with landing this contract for a complete plant from FEST. They have proved to be the best alternative both commercially and technically for this project. The contract is a major milestone for the Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub project and will ensure that Norwegian Hydrogen can provide our customers with green hydrogen by q4 2023”, says Project Manager Andreas Wenaas Østigård.

We focus on utilizing the energy resources in this area in the best possible way with a circular focus. We want to use the excess heat from the hydrogen production for heating the hotel close by, and the Oxygen will be used by land based aquaculture, concludes Østigård.

Developing delivery chains

Norwegian Hydrogen will build refueling stations locally in the fjord, both for marine and landbased refueling.

Recently Norwegian Hydrogen announced a Nordic collaboration with FirstElement Fuel Inc and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. to forge a network of hydrogen refueling stations and accelerate the zero-emission hydrogen transportation market in the Nordic countries. Together, the team will forge a network of hydrogen refueling stations capable of refueling 100,000 hydrogen powered vehicles in the Nordic region.


“One can hardly get a better showcase than the world heritage municipality Stranda to put the first piece in place for the green shift and hydrogen investment in Norway,” says mayor of Stranda municipality, Jan Ove Tryggestad.

The investment in hydrogen has broad support from political and administrative teams in the municipality, and not least from the local population.

“It is not a given that this should happen in a small settlement on Sunnmøre, but Norwegian Hydrogen has in this project shown courage, willingness to take risks and a social responsibility like few others. Stranda municipality wishes good luck with the investment,” concludes Tryggestad.

For more information, please contact:

Jens Berge, CEO Norwegian Hydrogen
+47 90 55 13 55

Andreas Wenaas Østigård, Project Manager Norwegian Hydrogen,
+47 46 68 01 28

Matthias Authenrieth, CEO FEST

About Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub

Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub was initiated in 2019, to develop and demonstrate a supply chain for green hydrogen, with a focal point in the UNESCO world heritage area of the Geiranger fjord. In addition to providing green hydrogen, the project aims to develop sustainable solutions to utilize the byproducts oxygen and heat, to realize the full potential of green hydrogen production. Another key goal of the project is to develop a solution for high-capacity maritime fueling of hydrogen to unlock the maritime potential.

Norwegian Hydrogen AS is the project developer and sole owner of Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub, while Hyon AS, SINTEF AS, Gexcon AS, Tafjord Kraftproduksjon AS, Hexagon Raufoss AS, Stranda Kommune and Fiskerstrand Holding AS are key partners in the project.. The project is partially funded by Innovation Norway and The Norwegian Research Council through the Pilot-E program. Norwegian Hydrogen received a total of 46,6 M NOK, whereof a portion of these funds were earmarked for scientific research purposes.

About Norwegian Hydrogen AS

Norwegian Hydrogen AS will produce and deliver green hydrogen in the entire Nordic region. The company will build and operate an effective network of production sites and distribution systems tailored to meet the future requirements for zero emission fuels in a wide range of mobility sectors and industrial segments. Norwegian Hydrogen AS’ infrastructure will be developed in a systematic manner, and the company will play an active role in the establishment of the new zero emission hydrogen market. The company is supported by a group of strong industrial owners, such as Flakk Group, Hexagon Purus, Hofseth International and Tafjord Kraftproduksjon.
Norwegian Hydrogen’s head office is in Ålesund, Norway.

About FEST (Green-H2-Systems)

FEST is a solution provider of energy, process & automation solutions, founded in 1948 and trading under the name FEST since 1972 and located in Goslar, Germany.

Since 2020, the "Hydrogen Technology" business field has been established under the brand "Green-H2-Systems" and expands internationally. FEST is part of the family-owned Schmidt-Kranz Group, based in Velbert-Langenberg, Germany.

The offered hydrogen technology are engineered and manufactured electrolysis plants in the range of 2-5 MW and extendable up to 50 MW, as well the related process engineering, mechanical design, control and IT. Depending on the project, the scope of delivery can include electrical supply systems, compressors, refueling and storage systems, which are sourced from the groups environment and integrated on EPC basis. The operation and maintenance of the plants is ensured by appropriate life-time services.